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Teachers have a significant impact on student academic and social-emotional outcomes.  The Our Community Listens (OCL) experience provides educators and youth support systems with the social-emotional skills to model the behaviors that they want to develop in youth. OCL is not another curriculum to implement, it is the relational way educators show up in the classroom. This training provides a common language and framework to guide the learning, education, and modeling of social-emotional skills.

Our Community Listens (OCL) teaches key behaviors, skills, and beliefs that positively benefit students by creating a sense of belonging, exhibiting empathy, building positive relationships, and amplifying student voice when included in a teacher’s classroom practices. 


The OCL experience takes a holistic approach to support youth. The program is designed for educators, administrators, parents, coaches, mentors, and beyond.

The Instructional Design

All our classes follow a distinctive and motivational instructional design of 1. Enlightenment: gaining personal insights and awareness, 2. Equipping: providing practical tools that can be implemented immediately, and 3. Empowerment: the practical application and ways to sustain the new skills.

Alignment with SEL Framework

The image below illustrates the alignment of the core skills in our OCL curriculum with CASEL’s (Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning) Social Emotional Learning Framework. 

The SEL framework helps cultivate skills and environments that advance students’ learning and development.